Top 10 Best Life Insurance in Florida USA – 2022

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If you are considering a life insurance policy in the state of Florida there are some rules that you can put to work in your favor. as long as you are aware of their advantages.

Sunshine State has strong regulations in place to protect its consumers and facilitate fair business practices by life insurance companies.

Life insurance is essential if you have anyone in your life who depends on your income. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the right type of coverage or the right amount.

The good news is that life insurance doesn’t cost as much as you might think it does.

Some people even estimate that life insurance costs up to five times as much as it actually does. 

let me tell you first 

Types of Life Insurance:- 

there are two primary types of life insurance 

  1. Term Insurance

Term life insurance is a policy in which you select a period of coverage which can be 10, 15, 20, or 30 years.

if you die during that time period your beneficiary will get the death benefit there is no death benefit if you outlive the term. 

Term life insurance is effective for people who want to target a specific financial concern such as income replacement during their working years.

  1. Permanent Insurance 

The second is permanent life insurance. This is ideal for people who desire a death benefit paid off, regardless of when they die. Permanent life insurance policies also have a cash value component that can accrue funds tax-free. 

Permanent life insurance is typically far more expensive than term life insurance.

now let me tell you the 

Top 10 Life Insurance companies in Florida for this year 2022

10. AARP Insurance 

AARP insurance policies are available to the group’s members only but anyone 50 or older can join.

One of the company’s most appealing features is its simplified underwriting which means you don’t have to take a life insurance medical exam to qualify for coverage.

instead, acceptance is based on your application and information about your health both term and whole life products are available.

9. Pacific Insurance

Pacific Life Insurance company provides a wide range of Term and Permanent products including Term life, Universal life, Indexed universal life, and Variable universal life insurance.

Pacific life’s indexed universal life insurance grows investments based on stock market indexes like the S & P 500. It also has a guaranteed floor which means your life insurance cash value won’t fall below a certain value if the stock market dives.

8. USAA insurance 

They offer both Permanent and Term life insurance specifically designed for military members and their families. but its life insurance products are available to non-military customers as well. 

USAA policies can be used to supplement the government-provided servicemembers’ group life insurance. which is automatically issued to eligible military personnel. unlike most life insurance USAA term policies typically continue to cover you during wartime including acts of terrorism. 

Policyholders between 18 and 35 years old can also increase their coverage amount if they get married, buy a house, or have a baby.

7. BESTOW life insurance 

Direct term life insurance is Bestow life specialty. 

Direct term life insurance is where the consumer gets term insurance directly from a company and does not go through an agent.

BESTOW gives users insurance from the comfort of their own home at any time of day or night the application process is simple and quick 

If you want life insurance from Bestow life no medical exam is required and coverage starts at only eight dollars per month.

look no further than Bestow life for the most economical term insurance in Florida.

6. Metlife insurance 

Metlife is one of the largest insurance companies in the country including Florida. 

Metlife offers life insurance policies through financial professionals and employee benefits. 

In 2017 MetLife established bright house financial to sell life insurance to individuals. Bright house is still working the kinks out but MetLife is healthy and moving forward.

Metlife offers term life group variable universal life and universal group life. 

If you have the opportunity to work for an employer that offers MetLife benefits you won’t be disappointed.

if you’re looking for life insurance to buy on your own. check out Brighthouse with a father, a company like MetLife. I am sure you shouldn’t be disappointed.

5. Ethos Insurance 

Ethics is simple in every way, Ethos provides a calculator to assist you in estimating how much life insurance coverage you will require.

It will also advise you on the best form of insurance for you. You can entirely choose the length and quantity of coverage on your policy and the premium will not change with age. 

If you change your mind and don’t want your policy. you can cancel within 30 days and get your money back. 

Ethos is one of the simplest firms to get life insurance from. that is why it is ranked as one of the best life insurance companies in Florida.

4. Prudential Insurance 

Hands down the best insurance company for tobacco users in Florida is prudential.

They offer some of the lowest premiums for both female and male tobacco users. 

Prudential’s website is full of materials to help you better understand life insurance, find a policy, get a quote and be confident in your choices. Also, you can talk to a person if you have questions they will also offer guidance if you need it.

If you are a tobacco user and live in Florida, prudential is your life insurance company.

3. State Farm 

State farm life insurance company our third best choice has nearly 100 years of experience and offers a wide range of insurance solutions in addition to term whole and universal life insurance.

Customers who purchase numerous insurance plans from state farm are also eligible for savings.

If you want options state farm has them your options begin with quotes you can either get a quote online or work with an agent to find your best fit policy. 

The next option you have is term options. They offer terms of 10, 20, or 30 years.

Finally, you have the opportunity to take your term life policy and convert it to a whole life policy.

If you want a company that will give you plenty of options and supports to help choose those options. State farm is the best insurance company in Florida when it comes to options and support.

2. Haven life 

Haven life insurance company offers only term life insurance policies and utilizes an online application process without personal interaction with a traditional agent. 

While it is a newbie to the insurance industry it is supported by the well-known mass mutual.

Haven life’s mission is to provide affordable simple to manage term life insurance products online, free of the traditional headaches of insurance purchasing. 

The top insurance company in Florida for affordability and quick coverage is Haven life. 

A leading competitor in the direct term life insurance market haven life is one of Florida’s best insurance companies for several reasons. 

First is its speedy application and approval process all done from the comfort of your favorite place. 

Next, when you become a policyholder with haven life you get access to haven life plus.

Haven life plus provide you with services to help you live a healthier life and a more protected life for no additional cost.

just fifteen dollars a month can get you coverage starting at fifty thousand dollars.

1. Northwestern Mutual 

Our top-rated insurance company Northwestern Mutual has more than 160 years of experience in the financial services industry and offers a traditional approach to life insurance. 

Northwestern Mutual offers a variety of coverage options and a low-tech but personalized method of determining coverage needs and its financial advisors are available to help customers through the process. 

Northwestern Mutual has four main life insurance products across three types. 

  • Term
  • Whole life and 
  • Universal life 

Northwestern scores highly thanks to its numerous options and coverage types giving consumers the flexibility to research and select the best plan for them. 

Northwestern Mutual offers two types of universal life insurance. 

  1. The single premium universal life policy can buy with a single lump sum payment
  2. and the custom universal life policy lets the owner adjust a death benefit and the price for coverage as needs change.

as a mutual company northwestern mutual is owned by its policyholders some of whom are eligible to share in annual dividends when the company does well. 

The company expects to pay 6.2 billion dollars in dividends in 2021, the highest payout in its history. 

that’s all from my side. I hope you choose wisely for taking life insurance in Florida.


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